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What I put on my Xmas list!

Hi guys,

A couple of weeks ago I did ideas for your Xmas list. However today I’m going to do what I put on my Christmas list. Btw the way I definitely don’t expect to receive all of this but I’m just giving my parents some ideas. So let’s get into this blog.

  1. A mirror with bulbs around it that you can turn on.
  2. Some new phone cases.
  3. Perfume
  4. Earrings
  5. Cute little handbag
  6. vouchers
  7. scrunchies
  8. head bands
  9. Maybelline make up
  10. face masks
  11. bath bombs
  12. bath bombs from lush
  13. chocolate
  14. sweets
  15. clothes (only pink and white)
  16. phone charger as I only have one and I’ll probably lose it at some point.
  17. starbucks voucher
  18. Jewellery rings,necklaces,bracelets
  19. A jumper or cardigan knitted by my Nana.

Ok, this list is exactly the same as I messaged my mum and dad. Hope you liked this blog if you did like, comment and subscribe. Remember I definitely will not receive all this , i was just giving my family some ideas.
Merry Christmas

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍


Hi, I’m Ordinary Fab Girl. I love dogs, books, baking, fashion , beauty and blogging. Hope that you like my blog🤍

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