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Snippets of my day! Spend the day with me!


So today I thought it would be fun to take you guys along in my day! At the time of writing it is Sunday! Its half term which is nice too! Let me know if you like these kind of posts in the comments below!

Saying good morning to Queenie!
PJ’s! They are so comfy!

Dog walking outfit!
Cleaning my new piercing! I recently got a second lobe piercing so I have to clean it 2x a day!

Dog walk w/ friend!

Back from dog walk! Chillout time while watching friends!
Shower time! I use natural, vegan and cruelty free products!
Shoes! These are from new look, they are fake leather don’t worry.
On the tube! Urgh who hates how dirty tubes always are?

⚠️Honestly though, make sure you sanitise or wash your hands after being the tube (or subway for American readers), you never know what germs are on there!⚠️

TK Max, I also went to primark!
Of course its raining. So yeah, it was raining cats and dogs in London!

Book shop!
Still raining.
Yay shelter!
Dinner! I got a vegetable curry!

At the musical Six! Let me know if you have seen it!

And its finished!
Reading on the tube! This is the sequel!

Mini haul ig

Ok, thats the end of this post! See you next time!


Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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Day in my life-On Easter Sunday!

Hey guys,

Yesterday it was Easter and I thought it would be fun to tell you what I did this Easter!
Before we get into this post, Happy Easter everyone and I hope you had a great day too.

8:40am: So I woke up to my alarm on my Alexa.

This is my Alexa. I got this about 2 years ago. Hopefully soon I might upgrade my Alexa as it’s getting a bit old and it’s performance isn’t as great anymore.

8:50am: I went downstairs and had a banana.

8:53am: I got out my Easter eggs.

These are my Easter eggs. The Crunchie one my parents got me and the m&m one my grandparents got me. Thank you so much mum,dad,Nana and Grandad.

10am: Me and my mum took the dogs for a walk.

This pic isn’t from the walk, this is just a pic I just took of the dogs in the garden. And look Ruby is yawning.😂

11:25am: We got back from the walk. It wasn’t a super long one as we didn’t have enough time to go out for a ages.

11:30am: Me and my mum did a 15 minute hiit cardio workout.

11:45am: I had a shower, washed my hair then got dressed. I wore a cute, flowery skirt with a tank top.

12:45pm: I tidied my room.

1:15pm: I went with my mum to find some mini eggs.

1:45pm: Quickly had a sandwich.

1:50pm: 1 set of my cousins came!

3:15pm: I took my younger cousins to the local play park.

4pm: I took them for a Starbucks take away.

5:50pm: My friend came round.

6:15pm: Me, my friend and my cousins had a hunt but not a Easter egg hunt but a…

teaser hunt!

10:30pm: I went to sleep.

I also want to say thank you to my aunt for this box of chocolates. Me and my brother have already eaten them.🤣

So guys, hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it!
Love you guys and by for now,

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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Weekend diary, pets and Christmas.

Hi, here’s the blog I promised. Just picture me right now, crouched over my iPad , my fingers flying over the keyboard, my hair getting frizzier by the second, realising I’ve still got so much to do. You get the picture. So first thing I did a test. But I’m not going to talk about that, because it’s done and I don’t want to think about it. If I talk about it, I’ll start getting stressed and I’m not going to get stressed for you guys.

More exciting news.
I GOT A GECKO! My families house is starting to get only slightly crazy. I mean a loud , barky, hyper dog and a dog that has a panic attack every 2 seconds plus a gecko is not at all crazy. Not at all.

So on a Saturday afternoon at about 2 pm, we stepped out our front door and climbed into the car. Then we arrived at the reptile shop and snakes, bearded dragons, geckos and tortoises were in every corner. And in the live food section there crickets and locusts hopping around. That part did freak me out. I can’t STAND insects. I think it’s because they are so small. Once we’d listened to shop lady about when to fed them etc we actually got our gecko.

When we finally got home with our gecko, we prepared the cage and popped it inside. It’s doing well and eating luckily. The lady in the shop said it might not eat properly. If you didn’t read my mid week blog, it’s called queenie meanie.

Today as the holidays are just around the corner we went Christmas decorations shopping at the garden centre. I’ll give you a little haul of what I got.

First I got a little like glass thing in the shape of a Christmas tree and it light up different colours. It’s so cute and I’m definitely going to have it on my bedside table.
Next i got some tinsel (pink) . You can’t have Christmas without tinsel.

Last Christmas thing I got was a pink decoration for the Christmas tree.

Now things that aren’t Christmas decorations that I couldn’t resist buying.

I got 3 (yes 3) bath bombs in the shape of cakes for £6.99 altogether. I mean you can’t resist a bargain. Then I got a unicorn soap. It’s a huge bar so it was totaaaaaaaaly worth it. It actually had a horn.

Next is just random but I got a lip balm for 99p. Have you ever heard of a better bargain?

Lastly I got some chocolate coins. You know just those chocolates in like coin packaging and they come in little bags.

My mum got a bunch of stuff lights, decorations, snowmen etc but I can’t be bothered to list it.

I’m not exactly sure what this blog was. It’s not exactly what I thought it would be, it’s more like a diary . Let me know if you like these kind of blogs, maybe I’ll do them once a week and then do my normal blogs the rest of the time?

Don’t forget to check out my last blog, trying to make myself look older if you haven’t already seen it? Please subscribe as we’ve got 10 subscribers to ordinary fab girl and I can’t thank anyone who subscribed enough.🤍 Have a great day!

With lots of love

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

Ps: I got my dogs Christmas jumpers today and a stocking. Probably not necessary.🎄

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Letter to future me, environment, charities and songs.

Hi guys today I’m going to write a letter to the 30 year old me. Also the reason I’m doing 2 blog posts in 2 days is because I didn’t blog much during the week. So sorry about that. Btw I’m going to be calling myself Georgina on this post. This is not my real name but I need to call myself something and I’m not going to use my real name for anonymity reasons.

To the 30 year old Georgina,

Don’t take life to seriously. You only have one life.
Don’t worry about what other people say. Live your best life and only your best life.

Don’t do a job you don’t like. Pick a job that you love and was your childhood dream. Be a teacher like you dream about.
Pick your friends carefully.
Remember the 2020 year old you. Remember your bucket list and try and improve. (Btw my bucket list was in my last post.)

Always be environmentally friendly. The environment is a really important topic to the 2020 me and I want it to be important to the 30 year old me too.

30 year old me I want you too support Battersea, an environment charity and a children’s charity.

Remember to do this 30 year old me.

Yours sincerely

2020 year old me.

Ok, that was my letter to the 30 year old me. This is a copy with a couple of edits from the one I wrote in real life because my real life one had private info that I obviously couldn’t put online.

As I mentioned in the letter the environment is really important to me so here are some charity’s that support the environment.

  1. Green peace
  2. Rainforest foundation USA.
  3. Climate emergency fund.

Obviously you don’t have to donate money to a charity to help the environment. There are lots of simple things you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Don’t leave on the lights. Something so simple like this makes a huge difference.
  2. Don’t have the heating on and the windows open.
  3. Try having meat free Monday. Or any other day meat free.
  4. Get your meat from brands that say made in your country. Or in my case Britain.
  5. Don’t have loads of food stocked up in your families cupboards because this will just mean that your families unlikely to actually eat it all.

There are loads of other things you can do but I don’t want to make this blog to long.

Animal charities:

  1. Jane Goodall foundation
  2. Battersea
  3. Blue cross

Children charities:

  1. World vision
  2. Children in need
  3. Save the children

To finish of this blog I’m going to be sharing with you a couple more songs that i didn’t share with you in my perfect playlist blog.

  1. There’s nothing holding me back by Shawn Mendes
  2. Flowers by Nathan Dawe
  3. Look what you made me do by Taylor Swift
  4. Wouldn’t it be nice by the beach boys
  5. History by One direction

Stay safe

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍