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Why be unnecessarily cruel to wildlife?


I am writing this blog post because I am honestly disgusted by something I saw.

Let’s rewind⏳:

So yesterday after school, I was walking with one of my friends towards the gate. There wasn’t very many people around as we were coming out a bit late. Anyway I heard some shouting and I looked to my left to see a boy, whose friends were cheering him on, chasing and throwing stuff at a tiny fox. I am ashamed to say that he is in my form. I started shouting and trying to block his path so he couldn’t throw stuff at the fox. Luckily the fox escaped unharmed via a hedge. But he could have really hurt the fox and you could see how terrified the fox was.

Back to today:

I was honestly disgusted. Who would intentionally chase and throw stuff at wildlife. I mean look how cute foxes are:

The fox wasn’t doing anything to him. And it was only a cub. So why was he being unnecessarily cruel to it?


That’s what I’m going to leave with today. If you ever see anything like this, please don’t do nothing. Because you could really help the animal in danger.


Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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How are you taking responsibility?


So I don’t normally do posts like this not really my style, but today we need to talk about climate change.

First up:

It’s happening, ok.

Just wanna make that clear.

But that’s not what I’m here today to talk about. I’m here to talk about responsibility. We all have responsibility to do our bit. You can’t just think well I’m only one person what does it matter what I do?

Yeah, what if everybody thought like that. I think we’d find our selves with a bit of a problem. And it’s not just our planet. It’s all the animals as well.


Now I’m not going to go into statistics or anything, but here’s what I want to leave you with:


Now picture time:

If you want a bit more of a structured post, check out this post here on meat intake.

So byeeeeeeee,

Ordinary Fab Girl

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The Yearbook by Holly Bourne – Review!!!


Today I thought I would do a review of the yearbook by Holly Bourne. There is actually a whole books category on my blog if you want to see more bookish posts!

My summary:

So there is this girl called Paige Vickers. She has always kept her head down basically invisible throughout high school. She also has a difficult home life, which makes her stressed out. However now halfway through year 11 she finds love through the pages of a book, she starts to find Paige again. And Paige is most likely to take down the mean girls.

Official ratings:

Waterstones: 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Goodreads: 4.3 stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Amazon: 4.5 stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Soooooooo, pretty good official ratings!

Now, time for my review:

So , I like the book. It keeps you engaged , it doesn’t drag on but I wouldn’t say that it is out of this world. Its not one of those books that makes me remember it and makes me think I am definitely reading this again in a few months. So its a good book, its just not GREAT.

My rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

So that’s the end of the post! I hope you enjoyed this post, I haven’t done a review in AGES so I am not completely sure if I did it right.

But bye for now anyways,

Ordinary Fab Girl

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Books you should read NOW!

Ok, no joke, you need to read these books ASAP.

Hi! Welcome back or to my blog Ordinary Fab Girl. Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite books which I have read recently!

1. Everless/Evermore.

Ok so this is a 2 book series, and it’s so good! The plot sounds quite unusual but trust me you will get HOOKED on this book.

If you want to know what this books about, google it as I don’t really know how to explain the plot.

2. Boy 87

So this is about a boy on his journey to flee Syria. He has to make hard choices along the way, he has to be brave and I so recommend it!!!!!!!!!

3. I know you did it

Ok, this is a murder mystery book! So it’s about this girl who accidentally killed someone when she was younger and when she moves to a new school to escape her past, people start dying and everyone blames her, while her past just seems to keep catching up with her.

Ok that’s it for today!

See you next time,

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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What’s wrong with Disney?


Ordinary Fab Girl here. So in my R.S lesson yesterday we were talking about what’s wrong with Disney. So I thought I would actually blog about it! (Thanks Miss, for giving me the idea!)

By the way, I am currently listening to the prom soundtrack by Netflix. Does anyone else LOVE the prom soundtrack?!

Photo by Zichuan Han on

Firstly lets talk about Snow White. In Snow White, Snow White’s job is to do all the housework and cook and clean for the dwarfs. The dwarfs don’t want her for her brain. They want her to look after them. That projects to young girls that there only job in life is to be a housewife.

In the Disney Film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the prince kisses an unconscious girl. That projects the image that its ok for a random stranger to kiss an unconscious woman without her consent. That means young girls will grow up thinking thats ok.

Lets talk about the Prince. In the Disney Movies all the princes are white, rich and famous. That projects to young boys that you can only marry a pretty girl if you are white, rich and famous.

Also there is no LGBTQ+ princesses ( well people have theories buuuuuuuuuut none of them are confirmed). So what message is that sending to young girls? You can’t be a princess and be LGBTQ+. Are they trying to project Homophobia?

Lets talk about the six original princesses.

Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella and Belle.

So only one of them is dark skinned and even that is seen as the quirky one. What does that project to young dark-skinned girls? You can’t be a princess because you are dark-skinned.

Now there are lots of other examples of racism and mocking peoples culture but if I listed all of them, this post would be a mile long. I suggest though that you do some of your own research because I think you will be shocked.

Also last thing but none of the princesses wear glasses. That’s telling young girls that you can’t be a princess because you wear glasses.

So that’s it for this post! Let me know what you think of Disney in the comments below!


Ordinary Fab Girl🤍