Happiness Acrostic Poem.

Hi so for school we had to write a happiness acrostic poem . It had to be about what happiness meant to me. I thought I might as well share it with you so here it is. Happiness means to me A glittering feeling inside, when the world feels like Perfection and there is Pink […]

Little snippets of my afternoon.

Hiiiiiiii, I’m Ordinary Fab Girl. Today I’m going to be showing you little snippets of my afternoon. I kinda got this idea from Maggie’s Doodles so thanks Maggie. Also I really like her blog, you should check it out if you haven’t already! So this was some snippets of my afternoon. Later I’m going to […]

The mystery blogger award!

Hi fab people! Today I’m going to be doing the mystery blogger award! Over at Zainab Chats she nominated everyone and I really wanted to do this soooooo I’m doing it. Zainab Chats Here’s the link to her blog! It’s awesome you should check it out! The Rules Display the award logo on your blog. […]

Some pics of my dogs playing in the garden!

Hi, my dogs love playing in the garden. Do yours? Anyway I thought maybe some of you would like to see some pics so here they are. The dogs are looking for food that I’ve hidden all around the rockery and in some of the bushes. In 2 of them I’ve had to colour as […]

Meet my dogs!

Hi soooooooo today, I thought I’d introduce you to my dogs. These are up to date pics, I literally took them a minute ago. Their both Fox red labs and they are actually siblings. So these are my dogs. Do you have any pets? I’ve also got a gecko that I’ll maybe introduce you too […]


Yep, you heard it right I’m going to make lemonade and feel free to come along with me. First let’s get our ingredients. We might need more we might need less, as I don’t have a recipe but let’s get the basic ingredients out. Maybe I’ll add some lime juice so I’ll get that out […]

“I’m fine”- Don’t say it.

How often do you say I’m fine? And I bet the majority of the time your lying. I’m fine in some other languages Spanish-estoy bien French-je vais bien Italian-Sto bene But why do we always say we’re fine when we’re not? For example: You get a D on your English paper and your upset. The […]

A tween’s/teens guide to tidying your room.

It is that time again, your room is so messy that you just have too tidy it. But you really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean […]

I changed my profile pic/icon!

Right so for my sight icon it’s this now: And then for my like profile pic (I don’t know what to call it) I have this now: This is kinda similar to the last one but I’ve changed the colours, the fonts AND WAIT FOR IT I’ve added in blog when it used to just […]


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