Hi, Have you seen my post post only in spanish? I’m learning Spanish and I really enjoyed writing it, so I decided to do another one. Now I will make mistakes so pls correct me in the comments! I will put a translation beneath. Bye. Spanish: ¡Hola mis amigos! Hoy, estoy escribiendo ‘solo en español” […]

My New Blog Instagram!

Hi, So I know it’s been a while😶😶😶 But I’m hopefully back! So I’ve created an Instagram account for this blog. This account will have extra pictures of my pets, more day to day life, basically this blog but an Instagram account! If you like the sound of that you can follow me on Instagram […]

Why be unnecessarily cruel to wildlife?

Hi, I am writing this blog post because I am honestly disgusted by something I saw. Let’s rewind⏳: So yesterday after school, I was walking with one of my friends towards the gate. There wasn’t very many people around as we were coming out a bit late. Anyway I heard some shouting and I looked […]

How are you taking responsibility?

Hi, So I don’t normally do posts like this not really my style, but today we need to talk about climate change. First up: It’s happening, ok. Just wanna make that clear. But that’s not what I’m here today to talk about. I’m here to talk about responsibility. We all have responsibility to do our […]

Prince’s 2nd Bday + Explanation…

Hi guyssss, So before I start talking about what’s been going on , I want to say that on the 23rd of April 2022 my baby turned 2 years old! Honestly I can’t believe it. I actually did a post about his first birthday last year. Prince’s first bday Anyway before we get into the […]

The Yearbook by Holly Bourne – Review!!!

Hiiiiiiiiii, Today I thought I would do a review of the yearbook by Holly Bourne. There is actually a whole books category on my blog if you want to see more bookish posts! My summary: So there is this girl called Paige Vickers. She has always kept her head down basically invisible throughout high school. […]

What I Eat For Breakfast!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Hope you are having an AMAZING day! Or at the very least a good day. So today I will be showing you what I eat for breakfast! These are not complicated things because I just don’t have time for that. These are realistic things. So the days I did this on were Thursday-In person […]

Opening up

Sitting there Waiting Waiting to see if she ok Knowing that , if she wasn’t I wouldn’t be ok It started off with a spot On her ear The vet said, that the spot, is not Ok It was cancer And while people may say She’s just a dog To me though, She’s more than […]


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