What’s wrong with Disney?

Hi, Ordinary Fab Girl here. So in my R.S lesson yesterday we were talking about what’s wrong with Disney. So I thought I would actually blog about it! (Thanks Miss, for giving me the idea!) By the way, I am currently listening to the prom soundtrack by Netflix. Does anyone else LOVE the prom soundtrack?! […]

What happens to me every time I study.

Hi , So I thought today I would tell you what happens to me every single time I study. So lets just get into this post… I sit down, I open my laptop , get up google docs blah,blah,blah. Then suddenly i feel really hungry. So of course I must get up and get myself […]

Nature pics from Scotland 2!

Hi, So you may remember that I did this a couple of months ago! So today as I am visiting family in Scotland, I’m doing it again. So hope you liked these pics! Maybe I’ll do a third one! Bye for now, Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

How to make new friends!

Hi, So there are many times in your life when you will be in a situation were you want to make new friends. I’m here to give you some real life tips on how to make new friends! 1.Smile I know this is a classic tip but its true. Try and smile at people. It […]

1st Xmas post of 2021-My fav Xmas Songs!

Hi, It’s officially the christmas season! And to kick off christmas on Ordinary Fab Girl, I will be talking about my fav christmas songs to listen to this holiday season! By the way, these are in no particular order. All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber. 2.Last Christmas by […]

Cutting down your meat intake!

Hi, people of planet internet, Today I’m back With a bit more of a serious post. I was inspired to do this post after a geography class, where we watched a video called the hidden cost of hamburgers. It was really informative. Click here to watch. Earlier this year I really started to cut down […]

The BEST Starbucks drink!

Hola, mis amigos! Today I’m here to let you into a very IMPORTANT secret. The best Starbucks drink! DISCLAIMER: I don’t know if they do it in your local Starbucks as I am not sure if they have some differences in the menu depending on what country you live in. I live in England , […]

Hi, how are you???

Hi guys,Just wanted to check in with you guys, see how you are doing! Let me know in the comments down below what the best thing about your day has been! Some cool posts are coming soon….. *Cough, Cough* Books….. NOT SAYING ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day, Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍


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