6 word stories!!!

Hi guys, Have you ever heard of 6 word stories? I mean they are pretty self explanatory. They are a story which is 6 words long, don’t really need to be a genius to work that out.😂 Before we get into the rest of this post you might want to check out this article, if […]

Lets chat-Why don’t I have a blog schedule?

Hi guys, So I am not a brand new blogger , I’ve been on WordPress for nearly a year now YET I still don’t have a regular blog schedule! Why? So everything I have read all the blog tips on how to grow your blog, say HAVE A BLOG SCHEDULE! But the thing is I […]

Post only in SPANISH!!!

¡Hola! So the bits in red are me speaking english or should I say Ingles. So for about 9 months now I’ve been learning Spanish. However I had a 2 month break over the summer so about 7 months. I have a lesson with a tutor once a week. So today we will be putting […]

What I eat in a day-back to school edition!

Hi guys, So I thought I would do a what I eat in a day back to school edition! I’m not a 100% sure but I don’t think I’ve ever done a what I eat in a day before! So this is new and exciting! Breakfast So I like to eat a quite healthy breakfast […]

Shopping for the Campervan trip!

Hi guys, Welcome back to Ordinary Fab Girl! Today is another post in the new category in my blog called Campervan Trip Summer 2021. If you want to see more posts in this series, make sure to go onto my blog and select that category! Today it’s a bit of an afternoon in my life. […]

Pack with me for campervan trip!

Hi guys, So welcome back to my blog! This is going to be part of my new category and it’s called: Campervan Trip Summer 2021. So if you want to check out more posts in this series go onto my blog and select the category Campervan Trip Summer 2021. Right so this is the first […]

I’m back and here is why I was away…

Hi guys, So I’m back and I’ve missed you guys! Have you missed me? JOKING😂 Maybe So I had a lot of stuff going on in my life. I changed schools and that was hard for me, you know? I cried so many times , I can’t even count. Not kidding. I also had 2 […]


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