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Opening up

Sitting there


Waiting to see if she ok

Knowing that , if she wasn’t

I wouldn’t be ok

It started off with a spot

On her ear

The vet said, that the spot, is not


It was cancer

And while people may say

She’s just a dog

To me though,

She’s more than that

She’s a friend

She was a gun dog

She has seven middle names

She’s amazing

She’s Ruby


Hi, I’m Ordinary Fab Girl. I love dogs, books, baking, fashion , beauty and blogging. Hope that you like my blog🤍

24 thoughts on “Opening up

    1. Yes sadly this did happen! She has recovered now! Hopefully in the future when it’s been a bit more time, I will do a proper story time!
      Is it a poem?! Someone else told me that too, I did not realise that, I just found it is easier to write about in that format.

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    1. Sorry, I realise I didn’t clean this up, this all happened about half a year ago, she is doing pretty well now, cancer (hopefully) all gone, I will probably write a proper post about this , it’s just quite hard to write about, as it was a very scary time.

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  1. Ruby is so cuteee, I hope she is doing alright💕 and the poem is so touching! Loved it!!!!!❤️

    Also, I adore dogs so much that it’s been years but still I can’t convince my parents to adopt one duh!🤦😂

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    1. Wait is it a poem?! I didn’t realise that. This whole experience happened finished about 5 months ago, so it’s still pretty recent and I personally found it easier to write about it like that.
      Good luck on convincing your parents! It took me ages too!

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  2. Is Ruby okay now? She’s so adorable…I really wish to have a dog like her but my parents would never allow me!! Nice poem! Loved it !!

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    1. She is mainly fine yes! To get rid of the cancer she had a lot of one of her ears chopped as well as some skin under her leg. There have been a few complications with the ear such as it gets infections and things a bit easier but apart from that she’s fine now!

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