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Words and Phrases to learn before going to a Spanish Speaking Country!

Hola, mis amigos!

I am writing this post while lying on a sunlounger in the sunny Gran Canaria, which if you don’t know speaks Spanish! Today I am going to be telling you some words and phrases I recommend you learn before going to a Spanish Speaking Country!

  1. Hola

Starting off really basic here, I know! If you do not know Hola means hello or hi!

2. Gracias

This means thank you! My mum speaks no Spanish but even she can remember it and it is saying it a lot!

3. Buenas Dias/ Buenos tardes/ Buenos noches!

I know, I know they are missing accents but my keyboard won’t let me put them on! Anyway Buenas Dias means Good Morning, Buenos Tardes means Good Afternoon and Buenos Noches means Good Evening.

4. Adios

This means goodbye!


You have to include this one don’t you! Si means yes!

6. No

And no means ………. no. Did you guess that???😂😂😂

7. No hablo Espanol.

This means I don’t speak Spanish. You will probably be trying to say that a lot, so thought I should include that in there!

8. Habla Ingles?

This means DRUMROLL PLEASE do you speak English?

So was this helpful?

Are you learning a language?

Let me know in the comments below!

Hasta luego!

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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6 word stories!!!

Hi guys,

Have you ever heard of 6 word stories?
I mean they are pretty self explanatory. They are a story which is 6 words long, don’t really need to be a genius to work that out.😂

Before we get into the rest of this post you might want to check out this article, if you want to learn more about 6 word stories. Click Here To Read It

The most famous 6 word story is by Ernest Hemingway and it goes as “For sale: Baby shoes. Never Worn”.

So how I interpret that 6 word story is the baby died. Sometimes 6 word stories can be sad, sometimes they can be happy , sometimes they can be funny. Its up to you!

So I had a go writing some of my own on a google doc and I’m going to put my personal favourites on here!

My 6 word stories!

Cancer found her, she said no.

The walk of life never ends.

You can run, you can’t escape.

Her life is saved through kindness.

She fights for life, she loses.

So what did you think of mine?

I hope you liked this slightly different post and I’ve never done anything like this before!

Why don’t you try to write your own 6 word story in the comments below? I would love to read it.

Bye for now,

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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Lets chat-Why don’t I have a blog schedule?

Hi guys,

So I am not a brand new blogger , I’ve been on WordPress for nearly a year now YET I still don’t have a regular blog schedule! Why?

So everything I have read all the blog tips on how to grow your blog, say HAVE A BLOG SCHEDULE! But the thing is I am not bothered about growing my blog. Obviously I’m really grateful whenever someone subscribes to me but I’m not like OH I HAVE ONE MORE SUBSCRIBER! I’m like wow someone actually likes my content!

I would rather post less posts but make them better than more less good posts. I don’t want blogging to be something I get stressed out about, making sure this post is up on Wednesday at 16:00. I don’t want to be working on a really good post but then have to rush it so it gets up on time.

Ok, I hope this explains it!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying that having a blog schedule is a bad thing, I’m just saying it doesn’t work for me!

See you next time,

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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Post only in SPANISH!!!


So the bits in red are me speaking english or should I say Ingles. So for about 9 months now I’ve been learning Spanish. However I had a 2 month break over the summer so about 7 months. I have a lesson with a tutor once a week. So today we will be putting my spanish skills to the test and I will be doing a post in Spanish.

Me llamo Ordinary Fab Girl. Como te llamas?

Vivo en Ingleterra. Soy Ingles y Escocesa. Soy un poco Americana.

¿Que tál?

Soy bien.

En mi opinion personal, soy trabajador por otro lado soy bastante habladora.

Tengo el pelo largo y rizada. Llevo gafas.

En mi familia, son cuatro personas y dos perros y un geco. Me llavo fatal con mi hermano.

Odio las patatas fritas. Son no rica. Como el chocolate y los bocaddilos. Ceno las verduras y la hamburguesa. Bebe zumo de naranja y agua. De vez en cuando bebe el café. Encanta el perrito caliente. Normalente para el desayunar como los cereales con leche. Como carne falso.

Nunca soy molesta.😂

¡Mis padres hay muy molestos!

Creo que hace frío en Inglettera y Escocia.

Adíos! Hasta luego!

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

Ok, me in English back again! If you want to know what I’m saying let me know in the comments below. Do not use the google translate at the bottom of my blog as it will not translate it properly. If you do speak spanish, please let me know in the comments down below which mistakes I made as I’m sure I made plenty!

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What I eat in a day-back to school edition!

Hi guys,

So I thought I would do a what I eat in a day back to school edition!

I’m not a 100% sure but I don’t think I’ve ever done a what I eat in a day before! So this is new and exciting!


So I like to eat a quite healthy breakfast on school days but believe me I eat rubbish on the weekends.

So I start off by getting some frozen fruit.

I love the M&S strawberry and banana one, because its sooooooo delicious. I do like to switch it up though.

I put it in a microwavable bowl, make sure you NEVER use a metal bowl.

I put it in the microwave for a bit , just so it can defrost a bit.

Its defrosted a bit, though its still pretty frozen.

As you can see, I’m making porridge.

I am very aware it looks gross🤮🤮🤮 BUT believe me its not, its actually delicious!😋😋😋


So I obviously have to go to school as its Thursday so today I’m having a pack lunch.

My pack lunch people!


So I’ve actually a bit of a treat dinner today as I’m having SAUSAGE ROLLS!!!



So this is my what I eat in a day!

Hope you enjoyed it!

See you next time,

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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Shopping for the Campervan trip!

Hi guys,

Welcome back to Ordinary Fab Girl! Today is another post in the new category in my blog called Campervan Trip Summer 2021. If you want to see more posts in this series, make sure to go onto my blog and select that category!

Today it’s a bit of an afternoon in my life. I went out to get some stuff for the Campervan trip and I also got some stuff for back to school. So let’s go back in time to see what I did!

I’ve just finished getting ready as I was at this swim camp thing this morning for an hour, so I had to wash my hair and stuff. I’m wearing the yellow skirt that you would have seen if you read the pack with me post. As you might know, I decided not to bring this on holiday and I’m wearing it today instead. I’m wearing a plain white vest top, white sandals and a leather jacket. I’m also listening to the beach boys on my Alexa which is just such a summery band, it always gives me the summer vibe!

So I’m in the car right now and I’m reading my book, so I thought I’d tell you guys what book I’m reading at the moment!

I’m reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! Have you read it? Let me know in the comments below!
And I’m on page 54 at time of writing this.

We’ve arrived at GO outdoors, a big outdoorsy shop in the Uk. We got a bunch of things like camping chairs, a camping table and a big hiking ruck sack.

Ruck sack, camping chairs etc.

Other things we got from go outdoors.

Next we went to Sports Direct! The stuff we got for me in there is for school not for the camping trip.

Next we got something to eat.


After that, we went to New Look aka my FAVOURITE shop ever! I needed a new school bag and new school shoes!

Next I popped into Primark to get some bits and bobs.

FINALLY, we went into decathlon.

So we were meant to get wetsuits and swim shoes but they only had swim shoes in my size so we had to order the wetsuit online.

The shop had quite a lot of choice.

Here they are , they’re just plain black!

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Make sure to check out the other posts in this category if you liked this one!


Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍