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I want

Hello internet,

Or in other words my lovely readers. Today I’m going to write down all the things I want in the world. This is an extra upload, it’s not in my calendar but I wanted to do it but it’s to short for a normal upload. So let’s get into this blog. Btw I’m kind of doing blogmas this year. I’m not going to blog every day but I will blog more than usual.

  1. I want one direction to get back together.
  2. I want J.K Rowling to write another Harry Potter book.
  3. I want racism to stop forever.
  4. I want bullying to stop.
  5. I want Corona Virus to go away forever.
  6. I want their to be a film of girl online.
  7. I want poverty to stop and people to have jobs.
  8. I want Cancer to go away.

I know this blog was short but it actually took a while to thing of the top 8 things I want.

With huge hugs

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

Edit: I forgot to put I also want sexism to stop forever and I want global warming to stop.