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Snippets of my day! Spend the day with me!


So today I thought it would be fun to take you guys along in my day! At the time of writing it is Sunday! Its half term which is nice too! Let me know if you like these kind of posts in the comments below!

Saying good morning to Queenie!
PJ’s! They are so comfy!

Dog walking outfit!
Cleaning my new piercing! I recently got a second lobe piercing so I have to clean it 2x a day!

Dog walk w/ friend!

Back from dog walk! Chillout time while watching friends!
Shower time! I use natural, vegan and cruelty free products!
Shoes! These are from new look, they are fake leather don’t worry.
On the tube! Urgh who hates how dirty tubes always are?

⚠️Honestly though, make sure you sanitise or wash your hands after being the tube (or subway for American readers), you never know what germs are on there!⚠️

TK Max, I also went to primark!
Of course its raining. So yeah, it was raining cats and dogs in London!

Book shop!
Still raining.
Yay shelter!
Dinner! I got a vegetable curry!

At the musical Six! Let me know if you have seen it!

And its finished!
Reading on the tube! This is the sequel!

Mini haul ig

Ok, thats the end of this post! See you next time!


Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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What to watch! Netflix & Prime Video & BBC Iplayer!

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite tv shows/movies!

Quick note: I’m British , I live in the Uk, so I don’t know for certain whether you will have all this wherever you live.

Also these are in no particular order.

1. Nadiya Bakes! iPlayer

I love this, it’s on iPlayer. I think you can tell that it’s a baking show lol from the title!

2. To all the boys I’ve loved before Netflix

WATCH THIS NOW! And the 2nd and 3rd one! ALSO READ THE BOOKS!

Ok lol, I’ll calm down. Basically it’s about this girl that has her private love letters sent out…

3. Tall girl Netflix

It’s on Netflix, I finally watched it the other day. It’s pretty decent , I liked it more than I expected too. It’s about a really tall girl and she’s always felt really insecure about her height. But when a new kid moves to her school…

4. The royal treatment Netflix

It involves a Prince, and a normal hairdresser. Need I say more?

5. The perfect date Netflix

So basically there’s this boy and he launches this app that offers fake dating services but then he falls in love for real….

6. Haters back off! Netflix

It’s about this girl, Miranda, and she’s trying to become famous and I dunno lol, it’s just really funny.

7. Modern family. Prime Video

Obviously. Nothing more to be said. I LOVE MODERN FAMILY!!

Ok let me know your films/tv shows recommendations in the comments!


Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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I’ve got Covid………Again

Hi guys,

Just wanted to pop in to say that I don’t think there will be a proper post for a little bit as I’ve got Covid again. I last had it in August btw. I have had my first dose of the vaccine, they came to my school in October and I am due my second dose (not looking forward to that).

Also I have got exams starting on Monday *gulp*, so please wish me luck!!!

Some good news, is that I don’t have to wear masks in classrooms anymore! Yay! However we do still have to wear them in the corridor and basically everywhere else like canteen lines. But I really hated wearing them in the classroom so yay!

Sorry, I know I was waffling on in that last paragraph.

Ok, so hopefully see you soon for a proper post,

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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What’s wrong with Disney?


Ordinary Fab Girl here. So in my R.S lesson yesterday we were talking about what’s wrong with Disney. So I thought I would actually blog about it! (Thanks Miss, for giving me the idea!)

By the way, I am currently listening to the prom soundtrack by Netflix. Does anyone else LOVE the prom soundtrack?!

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Firstly lets talk about Snow White. In Snow White, Snow White’s job is to do all the housework and cook and clean for the dwarfs. The dwarfs don’t want her for her brain. They want her to look after them. That projects to young girls that there only job in life is to be a housewife.

In the Disney Film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the prince kisses an unconscious girl. That projects the image that its ok for a random stranger to kiss an unconscious woman without her consent. That means young girls will grow up thinking thats ok.

Lets talk about the Prince. In the Disney Movies all the princes are white, rich and famous. That projects to young boys that you can only marry a pretty girl if you are white, rich and famous.

Also there is no LGBTQ+ princesses ( well people have theories buuuuuuuuuut none of them are confirmed). So what message is that sending to young girls? You can’t be a princess and be LGBTQ+. Are they trying to project Homophobia?

Lets talk about the six original princesses.

Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella and Belle.

So only one of them is dark skinned and even that is seen as the quirky one. What does that project to young dark-skinned girls? You can’t be a princess because you are dark-skinned.

Now there are lots of other examples of racism and mocking peoples culture but if I listed all of them, this post would be a mile long. I suggest though that you do some of your own research because I think you will be shocked.

Also last thing but none of the princesses wear glasses. That’s telling young girls that you can’t be a princess because you wear glasses.

So that’s it for this post! Let me know what you think of Disney in the comments below!


Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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What happens to me every time I study.

Hi ,

So I thought today I would tell you what happens to me every single time I study.

So lets just get into this post…

  • I sit down, I open my laptop , get up google docs blah,blah,blah.
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  • Then suddenly i feel really hungry. So of course I must get up and get myself a snack which takes like 10 minutes to make.
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  • And then I am like I need water. I mean I don’t want to die of dehydration do I? So i have to get up again and get a glass of water.
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  • I’ve sat down and then I am like I need gum. So then I get up go downstairs and start hunting around in my bags for gum.
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  • So I have finally sat down and I’m like I NEED MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!! So then I spend ages deciding what music to listen to.
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  • Then finally I start actually doing homework/studying.
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So that is what i go through every single time.

What do you do when you are studying?

Let me know in the comments down below.

Hope you enjoyed that short post.

See ya next time,

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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Did I stick to last years resolutions & What are my new year’s resolutions?


Ordinary Fab Girl here, and I just want to start this post by saying happy new year to you all! So,


By the way, make sure you let me know your new year’s resolutions in the comment section down below.

Now let’s get on to the first part of this post.

My new year’s resolutions last year were:

  1. Get better at Spanish.
  2. Take better care of my hair.
  3. Make new friends.
  4. Be healthier. *
  5. Study more.

* I feel like this is on everyone’s list every year. 😂

Now let’s see if I stuck to them:

  1. Yeah, I think so. I have definetely improved a lot. You may have seen a couple of months ago, I did a post only in Spanish. And I have definitely improved since I did that post. By the way, if you want to see more of my Spanish posts, there is a category on my blog called Spanish.
  2. YES! DEFINITELY! I am now doing regular oil treatments, and using natural hair products.
  3. Mmmmmm, kinda yeah. So I have actually made 4 new friends (don’t worry though, I am still friends with my old friends).
  4. Mmmmmmmm. Lets skip this one LOL.
  5. Yeah, I think so. I have done pretty well at school this year.

My new year’s resolutions for 2022!

  1. Run a 10k race.
  2. Learn some more German and Mandarin.
  3. Give my geckos tank a makeover.
  4. Try and be more environmentally friendly (like using reusable sanitary towels).

So once again guys I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year!

Huge hugs,

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍

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How to make new friends!


So there are many times in your life when you will be in a situation were you want to make new friends. I’m here to give you some real life tips on how to make new friends!


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I know this is a classic tip but its true. Try and smile at people. It will make you look friendly and approachable. You don’t want to look moody!

2.Don’t try to hard.

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No, I am not saying don’t make an effort. I am saying don’t within a day of meeting them act like you have known them forever. It will make you look weird. Friendships take time. You can’t force them.

3. Find common interests!

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Lets prove my point. Ok, you love creative writing and theatre. Who are you more likely to be friends with someone who loves creative writing or someone who loves chemistry?

4.Create inside jokes.

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So I personally think it really helps friendships to have inside jokes. For example with one of my good friends, we will call her Zebra 🦓 for privacy reasons. One of us just has to saying sharpening pencils to each other and we will both start laughing. Its also great for sending your first text to them. Nothing is more awkward than sending them hi, and then they reply hi and you have got no idea what to say next.

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So thats all the tips I have today! Let me know your tips in the comments down below!

Have a great day and Happy Christmas!

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍