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I’m back and I’m isolating. Also Q&A.

Hi guys,

Welcome back to my blog. I’ve got a sad story. I’m isolating till Christmas Eve. Luckily it’s just me and not the rest of my household so I can get them to fetch stuff for me from the shops. Anyway I’m isolating as I went to netball on Monday and one of the girls there was tested positive for Covid 19. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wouldn’t mind much if it was during term time but it’s the holidays! Sad. Anyway enough about my sorry story , let’s get into this blog.

Tiny Q&A about me.

Q: What’s your favourite season?

A: Summer

Q: What’s pets do you have and what are they’re names?

A: 2 labradors one whose 7 called Ruby and one whose 8 months called Prince. I also have a gecko called Queenie Meanie.

Q: What’s your favourite band/artist?

A: One direction

Q: What’s your favourite colour/shade?

Q: YouTube or Netflix?

A: Both

Q: What’s my favourite movie type?

A: Comedy so something along the lines of friends.

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Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍



Hi, I’m Ordinary Fab Girl. I love dogs, books, baking, fashion , beauty and blogging. Hope that you like my blog🤍

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