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Remember and do not forget.

Hi guys it is Remembrance Sunday if you did not know. Today is about remembering those who risked their life and some gave their lives to try and make our lives better. Those people are so brave. People in the army, navy and the airforce are some of the bravest people to walk the earth. But today’s not just about remembering them but also the nurses who cared for them when they were wounded. Because everyone who helped us win the first and Second World War is so brave and should never be forgotten. At 11 o’clock I did my 2 minutes of silence. But really it’s not just on Remembrance Sunday we should remember. Every time we do something we should think of those who risked or gave their lives to give us a better life. Not just in the world wars but all the other wars. They gave their life for us so we should make the best of the life they made possible for us.

Remember and never forget

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