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Autumn 2020 style ideas

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to be writing an autumn 2020 style ideas. I constantly find that I have no idea what to wear so I hope this helps you out.

First style idea is: white skinny jeans, a pink t-shirt , white denim jacket and chunky white trainers. This is quite a casual look so would probably be worn to a cafe or something like that.

Second style idea is: black leggings (skinny), white, oversized t-shirt and a huge hoodie. This look is for going on a dog walk or chilling round the house.

Third style idea is: black, skinny jeans, a fancy top and black boots. This could be worn to something slightly fancier.

Obviously you don’t have to stick exactly to this, it’s just some ideas to help you out. If you want a blog post about how to style skirts and dresses in autumn winter let me know in the comments.

Stay safe,

Ordinary Fab Girl

Ps: Reason I blogged a couple of times today is because i had a lot of time. Not every day will be like this.


Hi, I’m Ordinary Fab Girl. I love dogs, books, baking, fashion , beauty and blogging. Hope that you like my blog🤍

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