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Little snippets of my afternoon.

Hiiiiiiii, I’m Ordinary Fab Girl. Today I’m going to be showing you little snippets of my afternoon. I kinda got this idea from Maggie’s Doodles so thanks Maggie. Also I really like her blog, you should check it out if you haven’t already!

So I picked my outfit. It’s really sunny in England right now so I’m wearing flowery shorts, a white top with some lace and a leather jacket.
In school right now, we’re reading a book and a part of the book is about peaches.. So as a kind of fun online school task we had to make a recreation of this. Sadly we also had to answer questions.😰
Then I went to M&S. Don’t worry I’m reusing this bag.
This is what I got from M&S.
I also went to Starbucks and got a Soya Milk Latte.
I read some of the book I’m reading which is you have a match by Emma Lord.

So this was some snippets of my afternoon. Later I’m going to be cooking dinner for my family so I might add some pics of that. If I don’t bye and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Ok, update it’s now 5:45 and I’ve got some more pics to show u.

Finished thing! It smells amazing and me and my family are about to eat it.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍