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My morning+evening skincare routine!


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Today I’m going to be telling you my skincare routine! My morning skincare routine and my evening skincare routine.

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I’m going to do my evening skincare routine first!

My evening skincare routine!

The first thing I do is remove any make up I might have on.

The 2nd thing I do is use the Cera Ve hydrating Cleanser.

To use this I wet my face with my hands and then rub this on my face. Then I get one of the cotton cloths and I wet it. Then I use this to get the cleanser of my face and just to make sure it’s completely off I wet my face using my hands.

After that I dry my face.

Finally I rub my moisturiser all over my face and leave it.

I use the E45 one as I’ve got quite sensitive skin. When i was younger i used to have quite bad eczema too and I’ve still got quite sensitive skin.

My morning skincare routine

I literally do nothing for my morning skincare apart from putting on some E45 moisturising lotion.

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