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“I’m fine”- Don’t say it.

How often do you say I’m fine? And I bet the majority of the time your lying.

I’m fine in some other languages

Spanish-estoy bien

French-je vais bien

Italian-Sto bene

But why do we always say we’re fine when we’re not?

For example:

You get a D on your English paper and your upset. The person who sits next to you says “You ok?”. You answer “I’m fine”. Your not but you answer “I’m fine”.
Or your having a bad day and your teacher notices and asks “how are you”? You answer “I’m fine”.

But eventually we will start answer we’re fine to everybody and we will never tell anyone how we are feeling. We will shut our selves away from everyone. And that’s not we want.

I hope this helps you realise something.

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍

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A tween’s/teens guide to tidying your room.

It is that time again, your room is so messy that you just have too tidy it. But you really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. I mean really don’t want to. Ok you get the idea. So today I’m going to be sharing with you some tips that can make it slightly more bearable.

  1. Listen to music while your doing it . Preferably quite upbeat music like party pop. I mean you could even dance while your tidying your room. I think this definitely makes it a bit more fun.
  2. Eat. Like suck a lollipop as your doing it. I know that sounds silly but I think it really helps.
  3. Make your bed first. I think that just gives you a sense of achievement that motivates you to do the rest.
  4. Work in sections. Like first I’ll tidy my desk rather than just randomly picking things off the floor.
  5. Really, really try not to get distracted. This is sooooooo important, it’s so easy to get distracted like oooooh I haven’t checked my blog for ages I need to do that now! Or I really need to paint my nails, my room can wait.

Ok, I really hope these tips helped and I hope your having a great day,

Ordinary Fab Girl 🤍