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Cutting down your meat intake!

Hi, people of planet internet,

Today I’m back

With a bit more of a serious post. I was inspired to do this post after a geography class, where we watched a video called the hidden cost of hamburgers. It was really informative. Click here to watch.

Earlier this year I really started to cut down my meat intake. If you read my what I eat in a day, you would have seen that I was basically eating a vegan diet. However, I am not vegan, as that would be basically impossible at the school I go to. I do try and avoid meat so I eat A LOT of cheese sandwiches!!! I also drink Soya milk instead of cows milk, plant butter instead of butter etc….

What I’m trying to say is to make an impact you don’t have to go fully vegan. You don’t have to go fully vegetarian. We all just have to put in the effort to do better. That is what counts.

Having a meat-free day once a week would make an impact. If everyone had a meat-free day once a week, imagine how big an impact that would make.

See you next time!

Ordinary Fab Girl🤍